• Body Time (Ebook)

    Body Time (Ebook)

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Body Time (Ebook)

Gli autori
Ferri Genovino

Ferri Genovino

Psichiatra , analista Reichiano

This book sheds light on a very important aspect of today's Analytical Psychotherapy - how to go into the depths of those times which often emerge in the complex, multi-faceted setting. These can arrive from a variety of places in the unconscious and from a variety of relationships in the life-story of the individual. They have varying connotations which have not been ordered and are often also present in the person's here and now.
Which, then, is the best thread to follow when descending into the depths of Analytical Time, so as to be able to come back to the surface without being waylaid or disorientated by the narration?
The author assigns Time in the Body to its peripheral locations, which have been the first to receive the Object Relationships during the person's Evolutive Stages.
A careful guideline is provided which describes Psychocorporeal Activations, which are common to all individuals and permit access to the Bodily Unconscious. These phylo-ontogenetic bodily movements which are neurologically-stratified over the Time of the Evolutive Stages in the Setting, act on the person's Relational Bodily Areas as they perform them. Analytically, through these bodily activations, the body reveals to the mind, the life experiences deposited in the various "apartments", within the "high-rise buildings" of our personalities, which we have been inhabiting since the intrauterine period of our lives. In this way, the body reveals precious therapeutic afferences to the mind which can complete Analytical Psychotherapy.