• Character and Psychopathology  2° edition (Ebook)

    Character and Psychopathology 2° edition (Ebook)

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Character and Psychopathology 2° edition (Ebook)

Gli autori
Cimini Giuseppe

Cimini Giuseppe

Psichiatra, Psicoterapeuta

Ferri Genovino

Ferri Genovino

Psichiatra , analista Reichiano

Reichian Analysis, its history, its relevance today, its unrivalled vision of the central importance of the therapeutic setting.
This new book by Genovino Ferri and Giuseppe Cimini brings Wilhelm Reich’s psychoanalytical intuition to life, adding new, illuminating, translatable connections to that inextricable, living link between psychoanalysis and the body:

The Arrow of Evolutive Time (which the authors, drawing on the Theory of Complexity, define as being Negentropic)
The Stages of Development based on clear biological boundaries
The Object Relationships with the partial object of that time
The Bodily Segments, or Levels, which are marked by the Imprintings of the object relationships of each stage of development
The Character Traits (character = incised mark) which develop from these relational imprintings express themselves as patterns of behaviour
Psychopathology made human and comprehensible by its Intelligent Sense.

A body which becomes psyche from its initial intrauterine appearance (a relationship between a developing body and a “partial” body), where the first pathologies have their origins.
A body which is always speaking, and is thus always legible, can always be listened to and observed in its elementary and complex semiology and in its transformation into characterological types…

Every reader will be able to find their own body or parts of it.

The fundamental passages in the history of Reichian Analysis are described in this work, to which the authors add a further, startling discovery, completely modifying the therapeutic setting, or, rather, the interpretation of the patient-therapist “relationship” as a third presence. This responsive, third living force permits triangulation to be expressed, expanding dia-logue to tria-logue, adding a new voice to research.

In “Psychopathology and Character, Reichian interpretation – psychoanalysis in the body and the body in psychoanalysis” every reader will be able to seek and find themselves. Feeling your body and connecting it to your knowledge will be sufficient, so letting knowledge and feeling converse. In this way we can all reach greater depths and new heights.